The Myth

Giuseppe Verdi is the most popular and most played opera composer all over the world.

In all the theatres of the world, from Milan to Vienna, from London to Paris, from Rome to Madrid, from Sidney to Beijing, from New York to Los Angeles, from Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro and many more, Verdi’s masterpieces are played since the 19th century for the beauty and charm of the theatrical plots, narrated with his sublime and universal music that conquers the hearts of every race in the five continents.

Great performers, from Caruso to Pavarotti, from Sutherland to Domingo, from Callas to Carreras, and so on, have sung with their beautiful voices the most deep man’s feelings on the Verdi’s universal notes, helping to create and consolidate for almost two centuries the Myth of Verdi.

Famous conductors, great directors, evocative set directors and excellent costume designers have completed the achievement of the Italian melodrama in the world.

The myth “W VERDI” is still alive!