Additional Services

The museum area of Villa Pallavicino has some additional services available for its public:

Ticket office, info-point, wardrobe

Museum reception, at the entrance of the exhibitions path, offers information services (about the visit, the events, the local tourism) and ticket services for museum’s visitors. A cloakroom is available for coats, bags and strollers.


Philippe Daverio, a famous art critic, tells the episodes and the moods of the Maestro which has characterised the birth of each of the 27 operas represented in the exhibition path.
The audio-guides are made with innovative technology and they represent an important instrument for a deeper, better documented and more passionate fruition of the visit.. They are available in four languages (Italian, English, German and French).

Guided Tours

The specialised, trained guides broaden the exhibition fruition and the acquantance of the Man, his Works and the Myth through dialogues and the free association with images, musics and visitors’ experiences.
The Museum offers guided visits in Italian or other foreign languages for groups, schools or single visitors, on payment, subject to availability and on reservation.


The bookshop is located in the “Boffalora”, the central body of the villa with the vault decorated by XVI-century frescos. It offers a vast selection of merchandising products (gadgets, games, posters, agendas…), music products (scores, CDs, DVDs) and didactic/scientific books (essays, studies…) concerning Verdi’s and other big composers’ life and works.
Each month, the museums acquires all the editorial news of the sector, representing then a very interesting sales point for musicologists, students, artists and enthusiasts, who can even book rare sector publications.


The coffee bar offers a complete bar service for coffees, aperitifs, drinks and sandwiches, accompanied by Verdi’s images and music coming from the TV LCD screen for a pleasant relax moment.

Music Room

The big music room is located in the central area con the first floor. It is furnished with beautiful XIX-century fabrics and chairs and has a capacity of 100 seats. It is provided with a piano and a public address system for live concerts, and with a video and sound system for the live or pre-recorded broadcast of operas, concerts, documentaries, movies and/or multimedia presentations for PC.
The music room represents the ideal and magic place for events, didactic, conferences, seminars, master classes with famous artists, critics, musicologists, journalists and producers.
On booking, it is also available for conservatories, schools, associations, companies and institutions that are willing to use this unique place for their special activities.

Verdi’s Garden

The big garden surrounding Villa Pallavicino is hemmed in a water moat on the four sides with Renaissance balustrades. It is the perfect place for a little relaxing break under the beautiful trees, accompained by Verdi’s music which will be available even in the garden very soon.
It is also a magic place for music events, shows and open-air events organised by the museum itself or by others.