About us

About us

Giuseppe Verdi is the most played opera composer all over the world for the universality of his music and the beauty of his operas, which celebrate man’s passions, reaching exciting and immortal expressive peaks.
Great performers like Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras, Bocelli, and many more, great conductors like Muti, Abbado, Maazel, Oren, famous directors like P.L.Pizzi, Zeffirelli, Montaldo, De Bosio, Patroni Griffi, and many others in the world, perpetuate the greatness of his musical genius, every year, in the most prestigious theatres of the five continents.
All that has contributed to give awareness at the Municipality of Busseto – the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi – of the cultural, artistic and tourist potentialities of the project suggested by the entrepreneur Mariano Volani, Cavaliere del Lavoro, and unanimously accepted by the city council and by the mayor Luca Laurini, to celebrate the Verdi Genius realizing a National Museum with contents, courses and services worthy of an international centre.

Busseto, the birthplace of Verdi, in the middle of the Verdi’s lands where art, culture, wine and food integrate with the places that celebrate the memory – the Birthplace, the Theatre Verdi, Casa Barezzi, Palazzo Orlandi, Villa S.Agata -, made available the prestigious Villa of the Marquis Pallavicino, wonderful creation of the 16th century with fine frescoes, inserted in a square garden, surrounded by a balustrade and protected on four sides by a ditch, that in 1533 hosted the memorable meeting between emperor Charles V Hapsburg and Pope Paul III Farnese.

Thanks to a public-private partnership, including the Municipality of Busseto, Ascom Parma and other important private supporters, the society Verdi Multimedia Srl was established and it has took over the management of Villa Pallavicino, as well as the realization, designed by the well-known director and set designer M° Pier Luigi Pizzi, of the new National Museum Giuseppe Verdi to celebrate the Man, the Operas, the Myth of the “Cigno di Busseto”.

Luciano Pavarotti, few months before his death, enthusiastically agreed to the proposal of becoming the Honorary President of the new Museum dedicated to the composer, whose operas he played many times in the most important theatres of the world, and so he still is.

With a Scientific Committee of international prestige and a determined working group, the only museum of the world dedicated to the most popular opera composer in history, in the middle of the Verdi’s lands, intends to become an important and international reference point, for a large target of visitors: music lovers, conservatories, schools, musicologists, associations, companies, artists.

In view of the celebrations of 2013 – 200th Anniversary of Verdi’s birth – the museum complex of Villa Pallavicino will be integrated by some functions which will convert the Museum in a multidisciplinary centre for listening and learning Verdi’s Man, Operas and Myth.
Place for operas and great present and past performers listening thanks to Verdi’s mediateca, on multimedia but also live, on the occasion of concerts and events scheduling throughout the year;
learning place thanks to the didactic spaces for schools, conservatories students, music lovers;
studying and comparison place for studious and musicologists through dedicate seminars and conferences.
The spaces for temporary exhibitions, the live events, the Birthplace, Casa Barezzi, Verdi Theater and Villa S.Agata networking, will give back a “unicum” in the italian and international music scene.

The founder and President of the new Museum, Mariano Volani, said with pride at the opening:
“It will be past memory and future “works” for the new generations”.