Towards the Verdi 2013 Bicentenary

The Giuseppe Verdi Museum Association in Busseto, Italy is a private non-profit organisation, founded in 2011 with the intent to spread and enhance the extraordinary artistic and musical heritage of Giuseppe Verdi, the “Busseto Swan”.

Thanks the support of Membership Program, Donations and of Sponsors, the Association has decided to develop a series of qualifying activities, and among these:

Concerts and Events
Ever since inauguration, the Museum has organised Concerts and artistic Events, with singers of international fame, pianists, orchestras, musicologists, famous actors, costume designers, scenographers, directors and specialists from the world of opera. They have performed before local and international audiences, helping to enliven today our experience of the music of Verdi, Puccini, Mozart and many others.
For Verdi’s 200th Anniversary in 2013, the Association intends to take up this inheritance and celebrate it with a series of concerts and events. From Verdi’s birthplace of Busseto and from the Museum, the intent is to broadcast to the entire world the immortal music of Giuseppe Verdi and the plots of his operas that sing of the freedom of peoples and of the sentiments of man.
This the first objective of the Association.

Verdi Boys and Girls' Orchestra
Since conception, the Giuseppe Verdi National Museum was designed to be a “memory of the past and a workshop for new generations”. So ever since the inauguration in October 2009 we have invited youth orchestras and young talent to perform here the finest of Verdi’s operatic airs. Many other great composers’ work has been performed here too, for example by the “Versus” orchestra with 25 youngsters aged between 5 and 20. They played preludes by Verdi and Hungarian czardas, with the talented violinist Teofil Milenkovich; or the Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil Batuta Bogotà with a hundred players aged between 12 and 25, sons and daughters of poor families from Colombia; and the CEI Youth Orchestra, with 100 young musicians aged between 11 and 18, from an area ever subject to upheaval, between Albania, Macedonia, Byelorussia and Ukraine; and the 90 strong Münchner Jugendorchester aged 14 to 25, with whom we recorded a high definition DVD of their concert, held in Busseto in the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi.
We want to build on these fine events and experience; and with the help and the enthusiasm of school and conservatory directors it is our task to enhance and spread the performance of great classical music to the world of children and adolescents. What better preparation for the world of tomorrow?
And so we have the second target for the Association: the formation of a “Verdi Boys & Girls’ Orchestra” specialised in Verdi’s music and in operas. They will be directed by a well known Conductor who will develop the orchestra’s musical capabilities and with some soloists will organise a seasonal tour in Italian and European theatres and resorts.

Any group with a mission that wants to ensure a future for its activities must offer teaching for the young, up to an age of 16 to 18; and here our mission is to spread a love for classical music and the opera.
This task is the cultural development of children in elementary and middle schools, where programmes today are very limited. They would have little other chance of approaching the world of classical music and opera; but this is where we all think they can open and train their minds with a view to creativity, to culture, to the spirit if not to life itself.
We know that even three thousand years ago the ancient Greeks in their primary schools taught just seven subjects, between the humanities and sciences, and one of these was music!
And this brings us to the third aim of the Association: to offer differing teaching blocks according to the age and musical experience of the classes and groups. Open to beginners too, whether encouraged by musically minded parents or thanks to the enthusiasm that many youngsters clearly show; or to the interest they discover that can well lead them even to concert level.



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